Women Living in Faith

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Almost three years ago, Jennifer received a calling to share her experiences of motherhood through a blog ministry.  She called on some dear friends who encouraged her in the area of motherhood to join her in this adventure.  For six months they prayed together before they launched Mosaic of Moms.

Through two plus years of faithfully writing, they learned that the ministry was not just to the readers but to the seven regular writers and the many guest contributors.

Just as Jennifer received the calling, she was released from it.  Through many prayers she and her co-admin, Gretchen, felt lead to widen their focus of ministry from mothers to include all women who are seeking to live a life of faith, hence this site Women Walking in Faith.

They do not seek fame or recognition.  They simply want to honor God with their lives and share their struggles and victories in a transparent way in order to encourage others.

This ministry is two-fold.

The podcast:

Gretchen and Jennifer are the hostesses of a podcast in which they discuss topics such as friendship, obedience, marriage, and so much more.  They will be asking some of their mentors to come alongside of them to share their wisdom.  They fully acknowledge that they do not have the answers to life’s problems.  They simple aspire to challenge their listeners to develop a relationship with the Father and offer tools to do so.

The Blog Network:

The blog network seeks to connect God-focused bloggers with a greater audience.  These bloggers will write on their individual blogs, but the readers can come here to see links to the latest posts.

Welcome to Women Living in Faith!